Welcome to the Minnesota Chapter of IPMA-HR!
The Minnesota chapter is an affiliate of the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR), a nonprofit and educational organization, committed to the advancement of the public sector by providing HR professionals with key educational and training opportunities, valuable resources and assessment products, and effective advocacy at every level of government.
Our volunteer-run chapter strives to ensure that your membership provides you with access to developmental opportunities to learn and collaborate with others about current and future issues critical to HR. We welcome human resources professionals at all levels and organize opportunities that address the unique challenges of HR in the public sector.
During the global pandemic, we were able to offer many virtual learning opportunities. As we continue to navigate uncertain times and shift to an endemic, address inequities in our communities, and shift back to a hybrid workplace, our goal is to continue to offer valuable training events at a very affordable cost. On a regular basis, we will survey you to get feedback on topics that you have an interest in and feel are particularly relevant. Please feel free to reach out to any of the Board members or myself with ideas, suggestions or questions you may have.
Thank you for your continued support and participation in the Minnesota Chapter of IPMA-HR! If you are not a member, we welcome you into this network of HR professionals. The need to connect with our HR colleagues remains strong - stay well!
Karin van Dyck
Minnesota Chapter IPMA-HR

Past Presidents
1973-74 Don Anderson
1974-75 Julie Vikmanis
1975-76 William J. Calguire
1976-77 Wesley Long
1977-78 Dave Werts
1978-79 Bonnie L. Williams
1979-80 Edward G. Peetz
1980-81 Agnes Gay
1981-82 Thomas Jackson
1982-83 Sidney Teske
1983-84 Catherine Johnson
1984-85 Jeanette Sobania
1985-86 Arlene Mann
1986-87 Denise Legato
1987-88 Charles Sprafka
1988-89 Mary O’Neill
1990-91 Ronald Quejas-Risdon
1991-93 Will Volk
1993-94 Lynn Boland
1994-95 John Johnson
1995-96 Betty Carlson
1996-97 Melanie Ault
1997-98 Mark Robertson
1998-99 Linda Skallman
1999-00 Brenda Wendlandt
2000-01 Tracie Chamberlin
2001-02 Angela Nalezny
2002-03 Gail Blackstone
2003-04 Kelli Wick
2004-05 Lori Peterson
2005-06 Laura Kushner
2006-07 Pamela French
2007-08 Jody Eilertson
2008-09 Joyce Hottinger
2009-10 Kay McAloney
2010-11 Kelly Tanzer
2011-12 Karen Kurt
2012-13 Ann Marie Shandley
2013-14 Eldona Bacon
2014-15 Charles J. Bernardy
2015-16 Nancy Deno
2016-17 Nance Lee Mosquera
2017-18 Alecia Rose
2018-19 Andy Benish
2019-20 Teressa Pivec
2020-21 Linda Hillenbrand